Board of Directors

Your Mukilteo Little League Board of Directors is dedicated to making the 2019 season the very best experience it can be for our players, families and friends. We are are happy to hear your comments and questions and will respond as promptly as we can to your messages.

If you think you just might have the interest and availability for this upcoming season to lend a hand behind-the-scenes, please contact us or come on out to our next Board meeting. There are a few unfilled positions and plenty to do on AND off the field. We believe our kids' 2019 season will only be the best it can be with "all hands on deck" to be a part of it all. Come on out and get in the game!

To find out more about specific volunteer opportunities with Mukilteo Little League, email

2018-19 Mukilteo Little League Board of Directors


President: Ed Hansen

Treasurer: Scott Greaves

Secretary: Karin Malysheff

VP of Operations: Mark Califano

VP of Administration: OPEN POSITION

Trustee (Past President): Julie Mass

Registrar: Karin Malysheff

Communications Manager: OPEN POSITION

Sponsorship Manager: OPEN POSITION
Fundraising Manager: Merry Senn

VP of Farm, Minors, Majors: OPEN POSITION

Player Agent - Majors, Minors, Farm: Tyler Morton

VP of Rookie and Tee Ball: Jim Tinsley

Player Agent - Rookie and Tee Ball: Jim Tinsley

VP Teenage Baseball (Intermediate, Juniors, Seniors): OPEN POSITION

Player Agent - Teenage Baseball (Intermediate, Juniors, Seniors): OPEN POSITION

Scheduling Coordinator Baseball: OPEN POSITION

Uniform Coordinator Baseball: Jaime Benedict

Equipment Manager Baseball: Norm Harshaw

Training Manager Baseball: Coni Hickey


VP of Softball: David Ortmann

Player Agent - Softball: Rhonda Frans

Scheduling Coordinator Softball: Scott Sistek

Uniform Coordinator Softball: Jaime Benedict

Equipment Manager Softball: Pete Shearer

Training Manager Softball: Kristen McNulty


Safety Officer: Daryl Gee

Umpire In Chief: David Hull

Volunteer Coordinator: Jamie Molisani

Concessions Manager: Karina Tinsley

Summer Ball Coordinator: Jim Tinsley

Fall Ball Coordinator: OPEN POSITION

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