Frequently Asked Questions—Rookie and Tee Ball

Welcome to Mukilteo Little League's Baseball Rookie and Tee Ball divisions. Every year families have many questions regarding team formation, differences between divisions, practice and game dates, plus lots more miscellaneous questions.

We have done our best to answer these questions for you here. If you have any further questions, please contact us at and will be happy to answer any more questions or issues you may have throughout the season.

What is the difference between Rookie and Tee Ball divisions? How do I know what division I should register my child to play in?

Both divisions are considered instructional divisions. Our goal is the teach players the fundamentals of hitting, catching, and throwing along with learning the basic rules and strategies of baseball. In addition, we hope players make new friends, learn to play as a team, and build a passion for the game. When registering, player age is determined by how old the child will be by August 31, 2020. So if your child is currently age 6 but will turn age 7 by August 31st, he is considered league age 7.

The following are the main differences between the divisions:

Rookie: Players are 7 or 8 years old (turning 7 or 8 between September 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020). It is coach pitch, and the coach will be using a spring loaded pitching machine. The field size is a 60-foot baseball diamond. If your 6 year old has played one year of Tee Ball, he/she may be eligible to play Rookie softball or Rookie baseball if he/she passes a safety test. Please click here for more information: Rookie Assessment. Contact the Registrar at if your child would like to play up.

Tee Ball: Players are 5 or 6 year olds (turning 5 or 6 between September 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020). Tee Ball is for boys and girls. During the second half of the season, players will have the opportunity to hit off a tee or an underhand pitch from a coach. Games are played on a smaller, 50-foot baseball diamond, with approximately 8 kids per team and no outfielders.

Are girls allowed to play Rookie Baseball?

Yes, girls may register for Rookie Baseball instead of Rookie Softball if they wish. The boys' baseball age cut offs noted above apply to girls playing baseball.

I want to be the team manager (head coach) of a Rookie or Tee Ball team for the 2020 season. What do I need to do?

You must apply and register online using Stack Sports. Click here for more information: Volunteering. Team managers may be asked to participate in an interview with the league's manager selection committee. The league President nominates a slate of team managers upon which the Board of Directors votes. Team managers will be notified in February. Upon notification, managers and coaches will be required to participate in a coaching training session on either February 29th or March 21st. Managers and coaches returning to the league are required to resubmit all information every season; no position is guaranteed and no manager or coach is "tenured."

I see teams and players practicing, but I have not been contacted. Did my child not get on a team?

Don't worry! Rookie and Tee Ball seasons start about 5-6 weeks after the Majors and Minors teams. This is due to field availability, daylight savings and weather. You can expect to be contacted by a team manager in mid-March.

How do I ensure my child will be playing with his/her friend?

On the registration form, there is a spot for one Buddy Request. Every effort will be made to accommodate buddy requests; however there are no guarantees.

How are teams formed?

Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Players are placed on the roster for the school they attend; if necessary, players from schools in close geographical proximity are placed together to fulfill roster requirements. Buddy Requests are accommodated where possible. Players from private schools or those who homeschool are placed on the roster of the public school they would otherwise attend.

When will practice begin?

In 2019, practices are scheduled to begin in late March and are held at various schools in our area. The frequency of practices is determined by each head coach.

What time and how long can I expect practice to last?

Practice is conducted at the team manager's discretion. Before games start, practices are usually twice a week for about 1 hour for Tee Ball and 1 hour and a half for Rookie ball. Once the games start, practices will probably be once a week.

When do games start, and how often are they held?

Games will start in mid-April. Rookie games will typically run on Saturdays and one day during the week; Tee Ball games are on Saturdays.

What supplies or equipment do you suggest my son/daughter need?

It is recommended that all players should have a baseball mitt and baseball shoes (rubber cleats). Boys will also need a protective cup (optional at tee-ball division). Many players prefer to use their own baseball bat and helmet, although the league has extras available that the players may use. Some players also like to have an equipment bag to carry their belongings but that isn't required. Players will need to purchase their own baseball pants, socks and belt, which are typically color-coordinated with the team jersey color. (See your team's head coach for specific colors, styles, etc.) The league will provide a jersey and hat for all players.

How are refunds determined?

The refund policy for MLL is determined annually by the board. Costs are incurred by the league for uniforms, equipment, charter fees and other expenses that are based on the number of participants registered. No refunds are given after the first practice.

If we have a concern, question or request during the season, what is the best way to handle it and to whom should we speak?

We encourage you to first thoughtfully speak with the people or parties involved if you have a problem or concern. If that is not possible, the player agent should be contacted. You may also address questions and suggestions to the team manager, assistant coach, Rookie-Tee Ball player agent, VP of Rookie-Tee Ball, president or any board member.

We moved outside of the MLL boundaries in the past year. My child has always played for MLL in the past. May he/she continue playing for MLL even though we no longer reside within MLL boundaries?

If your child still attends a Mukilteo School District school, then yes. If not, a waiver needs to be filled out by the player agent and signed by the president and District 1 Administrator.

My child lost his hat. Is there a way that I can get a replacement?

We generally buy the exact amount of hats needed for the kids and coaches. However, your team manager may have extras. If not, we can give you the vendor information so you may purchase an extra hat if you wish.

My child has a health issue that I would like keep confidential. To whom should I speak and how do I know the medical information will be held confidential? Can anyone see the medical release forms?

We encourage you to confide in the team manager and/or the player agent. Let them know that this information is very personal and should not be repeated unless there is a medical necessity. Medical Release forms are read by the player agent and coaches. They are kept in a sealed envelope inside the team medical kit.