Frequently Asked Questions —Softball

Welcome to Mukilteo Little League's Softball Program. Every year families have many questions regarding tryouts, differences between divisions and how the draft works, playing time issues, plus lots more miscellaneous questions.

We have done our best to answer these questions for you here. If you have any further questions during the season please contact one of the following persons at the email address below:

Anne Karabach (Softball Player Agent):

Curt Kolar (VP Softball):

What are the divisions in Softball and which one should my daughter play in?

Softball has Rookie, Minors, Majors, Juniors, Seniors and Bigs. It is age specific with a little cross-over as allowed by local rules. Rookies and Minors are instructional while Majors has a bigger focus on competition. Girls ages 9 to 12 (Minor/Major Leagues) need to come to at least one assessment (tryout). If you desire your child to stay at minors, please let the player agent know when you check in.

League age is determined by a girl's age as of December 31, 2019. Click here for the age chart: softball

Rookie: Ages 6-8. We prefer that 6 yr olds have a year experience in Tee Ball first. At this level coaches pitch to the girls. 6 year olds must pass a safety check to be able to move up. Contact the Registrar if you are interested in moving up.

Minors: Ages 9-11. At this level, girls will be pitching to each other and focus is still instructional. 8 year olds are eligible if they pass a safety check and there is room.

Majors: Ages 10-12. This is a competitive level. Girls must participate in one try out and then will be drafted onto a majors team if selected.

Juniors/Seniors: Ages 13-16. This is both an instructional and competitive level.

If my daughter tries out for majors, will she be guaranteed to be on the team?

Only if your daughter is league age 12 will she be guaranteed a spot on a team. 10 and 11 year olds will be drafted. If your daughter isn't selected to majors she will be placed on a minors team.

Do you honor buddy requests or coach requests?

We attempt to honor buddy and coach requests at minors and rookie levels. There are no buddy or coach requests at majors or above.

When are assessments (try-outs) for Softball?

Softball tryouts will be on February 1, 2020 at the Mukilteo Little League Complex (Paine Field Community Park), 11928 Beverly Park Rd, Everett, WA 98203. Player tryout time slots will be emailed to the parents. Please dress warmly and arrive 30 minutes early to check in and warm up.

What happens during assessments (tryouts) and what skills will each child be asked to demonstrate?

During assessments each girl will be give the opportunity to (1) hit/bunt, (2) field fly balls, (3) field ground balls, (4) throw and (5) run around the bases. These tryout periods will be conducted in the presence of all managers who shall observe the ability of each candidate. All player candidates must attend at least one of the two assessments (tryouts) sessions.

What equipment should my child bring to assessments?

We recommend that each girl brings her own glove, bat, helmet, cleats and a jacket or sweatshirt. A bat and helmet may also be borrowed for tryouts if a player does not have her own items.

Will assessments still be held if it rains or snows?

Yes, tryouts will be held even it rains or snows. Dress for the weather. If there is lightning then tryouts will be rescheduled.

Is it guaranteed that every child who tries out will make a team?

Yes, every child who tries out is drafted onto a team. The only exception to this is for 8 year olds.

Can my daughter wear earrings and other jewelry?

No. Little League has deemed these to be safety issues. Please do not get your daughter's ears pierced prior to the softball season. Earrings will need to be removed during practice and games.

What do we need to supply and what does the league provide?

The league provides playing fields, bats and helmets for the teams' use. The league provides hats/visors and uniform tops. Your daughter will need a glove and cleats. As your daughter progresses she may like her own bat and helmet. Sliding shorts will come in handy and some parents have opted for face guards. Please wait for your team meeting to determine the situation with the pants and socks.

Why does it take so long to find out about the softball game schedule?

Mukilteo Little League Softball interleagues with other Little Leagues within District 1. We can not do the schedule until District 1 identifies who we will interleague with and when we are able to get together. Games typically will be scheduled first for the older girls, then majors and finally minors and rookies. It has been our experience in the past that softball higher levels will not start playing until the middle of March/first week in April.