2019 Summer Ball Information

Don't put away those cleats just yet! Mukilteo Little League is again partnering with our friends from Pacific Little League to offer another fun Summer Ball program. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the games are competitive but casual. Great weather (hopefully), Thursday night barbecues, and the chance to get out on the field and play ball with your friends. It's for kids who love the game and want to keep playing, improving their skills and having a great time!

Who can play Summer Ball?

Summer Ball is for players ages 5-12. We will have a Tee Ball division this summer for your players aged 5-6. We offer a machine-pitch division for league age 7-8 year-olds who played Rookie or Farm and a Minors-rules division for 9-12 year-olds who played Farm, Minors, or Majors in the 2019 Spring Regular Season. For baseball, age is based on the 2019 Little League Baseball age chart (found here: Age Chart Baseball 2019).

Will there be Summer Softball?

If there are enough interested girls, we will offer a machine-pitch softball division for league age 7-8 year-olds who played Rookie and a Minors-rules softball division for 9-12 year olds who played Minors or Majors. Age will be based on the 2019 Little League Softball age chart (found here at: Age Chart Softball 2019).

Are there "buddy requests?" Can I play with my friend?

Yes! Players may make player can coach or buddy requests. We encourage players to sign up with a friend who they may not have had the opportunity to play with during the regular season. Every effort will be made to accommodate at least one buddy request. However, we want to do everything we can to ensure that teams are balanced in order to make Summer Ball competitive and fun for every player. Rosters are built with great care, mindful of players' skill levels, and are evenly balanced between older players and younger players. You'll have fun and make new friends no matter what team you're on!

How much does Summer Ball cost?

Summer Ball registration is $90 per player ($80 if you pay by June 14th). Your registration fee includes the player's team tee-shirt, equipment, field maintenance, and all the associated expense of running the summer program. Summer Ball fees are for 6 weeks, 2 games per week.

Are there scholarships for Summer Ball?

We are offering a limited number of 50% scholarships for Summer Ball based on need. Scholarship applications need to be submitted by June 14th in order to be considered. Click here for more information and the online application: http://www.mukilteolittleleague.com/player-scholarships

When does Summer Ball start and what are the time commitments?

The Summer Ball season will begin on July 8, 2019 and end August 15, 2019. Summer Ball teams are scheduled to play 12 games.

When and where are games played?

Games start between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday nights. No weekends! Games are played at the Mukilteo Little League Complex and Lynndale Park in Lynnwood. Exact days and times are TBA.

Who will my child's coach be?

As with the regular Little League season, Summer Ball teams are coached by volunteers who give many hours of their time to help YOUR child have a fun and positive experience. If that sounds like you, contact us to help coach a Summer Ball team this year! THANK YOU!

Are there practices?

Coaches have the option of scheduling one "get to know you" practice before the summer season starts, but there are no practices thereafter.

How many players are on a team?

Summer Ball teams are made up of 14-15 players in order to accommodate absence due to busy family summer schedules.

What rules are enforced, especially regarding pitching?

Summer Ball uses the standard MLL Minors (9-12) and Rookie (7-8) division rules. In the 9-12 year old division, pitchers are limited to a maximum of two innings per week, and there is very limited pitching by 12-year-old players. Your child's coach will have a more complete set of rules and summer-specific guidelines.

My son has never played baseball before. Is Summer Ball a good starting point for him?

No, it is not. The Summer Ball program is designed for more of a "neighborhood pickup game" feel and players do not receive the structured and intentional developmental experience that they would during the regular season. We encourage brand-new players to sign up to play in their age-appropriate divisions during the 2020 spring season.

Can my Tee Ball player "play up?"

No. A Tee Ball player dropped in with 7 and 8 year olds at the peak of their play would not develop in an appropriate way. Every kid deserves to develop his or her skills in a safe, healthy and age-appropriate manner. We hope to see you on the field for the 2020 regular spring season!

Can my eight-year-old "play up" to the 9-12 division? We think he is ready for live pitching.

No. He would frequently be facing highly skilled 11-year-old pitchers that would leave him frustrated and unlikely to develop skills in a safe and appropriate way. The 7-8 year old machine pitch division might be a great opportunity for your child to develop his fundamentals or maybe try out a new position!

What's this about a barbecue?

All Thursday home games at the Mukilteo Little League Complex will feature a family hot dog BBQ sponsored by Jim Tinsley Real Estate. Our sponsor will be providing all the hog dogs and families are encouraged to bring a side to share potluck style. Historically, this has been one of the favorite aspects of Summer Ball.

Snack Shack?

The Snack Shack will be open all summer and we will continue with our expanded menu! That means the league needs you to sign up to volunteer. Please help us make summer ball an exciting experience for all by sharing of your valuable time!

How do I register?

Register online at www.mukilteolittleleague.com. The deadline to register is Friday, June 28th. If you register by June 14th you receive $10 off your registration fee!

How do I coach Summer Ball?

We are looking for coaches for our Summer Ball teams this year. Summer Ball has a different vibe from the regular season and the requirements of a coach are different. We're looking for coaches who are ready to keep it light and loose, to give new opportunities to players, to help develop their skills and help them succeed, and most of all to have fun!

Who do I contact with questions?

Jim Tinsley is our coordinator for Summer Ball. E-mail any questions to summerball@mukilteolittleleague.com.