Key Dates for Spring Season

April 21st - BB/SB Rookie games start

April 21st - Tee Ball games start

April 21st & 22nd - Team Photos at Mukilteo Elementary

April 28th - Fan Fest

May 10th - District 1 Player Agent meeting for All Stars documentation

May 27th - Mariners Little League Day (Seattle vs. Minnesota)

June 1st - BB/SB Majors games end

June 2nd - 10th - District 1 Baseball Tournament of Champions hosted by Mukilteo Little League

June 9th - BB Farm and BB/SB Minors games end

June 16th - BB/SB Rookie & Tee Ball games end

June 4th - 17th - Farm and Minors In House Tournaments (specific date TBD)

June 11th - June 22nd - All Star Tournament Softball

June 23rd - July 3rd - All Star Tournament Baseball