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    Below are some key dates for baseball and softball coaches.


    January 26th - District 1 Training (see below)

    February 6th - Baseball coaches meeting (Farm-Intermediate)

    February 8th - Baseball Intermediate Tryouts

    February 9th & 10th - Baseball Majors, Minors and Farm Tryouts (8 am - 5 pm)

    February 11th - Baseball Farm - Intermediate Tryout Make Ups

    February 12th or 13th - Baseball Majors Draft (6 pm)

    March 2nd - Coaches bootcamp #1 (8 am - noon)

    TBD - Baseball Rookie & Tee Ball coaches meeting

    March 16th - Coaches bootcamp #2 (1-5 pm) at Mukilteo City Hall

    March 19th - District 1 Interleague managers meeting for Intermediate, Juniors & Seniors Baseball

    March 20th - District 1 Interleague managers meeting for Majors Baseball

    April 27th & 28th - Team Photos at Mukilteo Elementary


    January 26th - District 1 Training (see below)

    February 8th - Softball Coaches Meeting (Minors/Majors)

    February 9th - Softball Juniors, Majors and Minors Tryouts

    February 12th or 13th - Softball Draft (7pm)

    March 2nd - Coaches bootcamp #1 (8am - noon)

    TBD - Softball Rookie coaches meeting

    March 16th - Coaches bootcamp #2 (1-5 pm) at Mukilteo City Hall

    March 18th - District 1 Interleague managers meeting for Softball

    April 27th & 28th - Team Photos at Mukilteo Elementary

    Big Al's Online Training Program

    Mukilteo Little League has secured memberships to Big Al's online Program for all of the Managers, Coaches and Parents in our league for 2019. See the Resources for Parents page for more information on the parent programs.

    The coaching programs include…videos on how to teach the skills, lots of drills to incorporate into your practices and help in identifying and correcting common mistakes. There are ready-to-go practice plans for the pre-season, during the season plus plans to help prepare for the post season. The strategy section covers positional play and roles and responsibilities of players in game situations. It also has tips and plans to help you be effective as a coach on game day. Big Al has designed this Coaching programs to help you from the start of a Little League season to the finish.

    To activate your own personal membership please go to

    Big Al Baseball

    1. Click on the Membership Code button in the top right corner of the webpage.
    2. Select the online Program or Bundle that best fits your age group and role.
    3. To activate your program fill in the registration fields and click CONTINUE.
    4. Enter your Membership Code WAD1ALL in the box and then click on the APPLY button. (This will recalculate your membership cost to 00.00.)
    5. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on the CHECKOUT button.
    6. You will be taken to the Login page. Go ahead and Login with your own Username and Password. (Note: depending on your browser and computer settings you may need to enter you UN and PW twice.)
    7. Please click on the link to your T&D program on the MY PROGRAMS page and enjoy!

    To LOGIN the next time, please just go directly to and click on the Login Button at the top right corner of the webpage and Login.

    Mukilteo Little League Coaches Bootcamps (Mandatory)
    Posted Jan 24, 2017

    Each year Mukilteo Little League manager and coaches are required to attend a half-day meeting which will  all league-required training.  These sessions are mandatory for all managers and coaches. 

    Dates (must attend one):  Saturday, March 2nd and Saturday, March 16th

    Time:  8:00 am to 12:00 pm.(March 2nd) and 1-5 pm (March 16th)  

    Where: Mainer Fire Station 11 (March 2nd) and Mukilteo City Hall (March 16th)



    • Safety Training and use of AED
    • Concussion Awareness
    • Game procedures and expectations
    • 2019 Playing Rules 
    • Administrative procedures and expectations
    • StackSports training

    Coaches will receive their team binder and ID badge at the meeting.

    Resources for Mukilteo Little League Coaches

    Coaches Registration

    Those interested in coaching or managing a baseball or softball team for the 2019 Mukilteo Little League season MUST register online through StackSports (go to Member Login) and also submit information for a background check. PLEASE REGISTER BY JANUARY 31, 2019.

    Coaches Mandatory League Training Sessions (Coaches Bootcamp)

    League-required training sessions will be held on Saturday, March 2nd and Saturday, March 16th. See above for details.

    Coaches Safety Training

    All coaches are required to attend safety training annually (conducted at the Coaches Bootcamp). In addition, the league is requiring coaches to take online training for Concussion Awareness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Click here for more details and links to the training websites: Safety

    Little League Coach Resource Center

    Little League International recognizes and appreciates the challenges that come with being a Little League manager or coach, so it has developed a free on-line coaching resource that Little League managers and coaches can turn to for reference, education, or to stay current with the latest drills and coaching techniques such as:

    • Conducting a Tee-Ball Program A-Z
    • Baseball and Softball
    • Season Planning
    • Parental Involvement
    • Teaching Skills
    • Drills and Activities
    • Planning a Practice