2020 Umpire Incentive Program

When you volunteer to umpire games with Mukilteo Little League, you earn credit to pick up your own umpire gear!

Work 10+ games: Earn $50 credit

Work 20+ games: Earn $150 credit

Work 25+ games: Earn $250 credit

By July 31, simply send an email to umpires@mukilteolittleleague.com and let us know the number of games you worked in 2020 (estimate if you need to). We'll reply with instructions on how to redeem your reward credit to pick up your very own umpire gear at ump-attire.com or gerrydavis.com!

You earn credit for ANY Mukilteo Little League game that you worked, not just your own son or daughter's team. MLL's Umpire Incentive Program is "on the honor system." Please report only 2020 games in which you served as a volunteer umpire (plate or bases).

For any questions on the incentive program, contact MLL Umpire in Chief David Hull at umpires@mukilteolittleleague.com.

MLL Umpire Hats

Our all-new Mukilteo Little League Umpire Hats (image below) are available for purchase for just $5 each. Both 4-stitch plate hats and 8-stitch base hats are available. We've kept the cost as reasonable as possible--our volunteer umpires need to wear a hat to be in full uniform so we hope they will wear these new MLL Umpire hats with pride! Contact MLL Umpire in Chief David Hull at umpires@mukilteolittleleague.com.

Umpire Resources

We've prepared two documents just for our Mukilteo Little League umpires and coaches. Our Umpire Guide and Coach/Umpire Notes are companions to the official Little League Rulebook and MLL Local Rules.

They address topics or issues that come up frequently or that we see commonly misunderstood. We know that the more we can all "be on the same page" and have the same information regarding confusing or misunderstood issues, the better everyone's experience will be during our games.

You may download & print the PDFs below or get a printed copy by contacting umpires@mukilteolittleleague.com.

2019 MLL Umpire Guide

2019 MLL Coach-Umpire Notes

Mechanics Videos

Check out our collection of umpire mechanics videos courtesy of Little League University! These videos will be available for you here all year long.

Watch the Mechanics Videos

Useful Umpire Resources

Little League University: lots of great videos, quizzes, and tips for umpiring.

CA District 8: A very comprehensive resource website for umpires.

Umpiring 101: Visual training for beginning umpires.

Little League Myths: Yes, you will run into these situations A LOT!

2018 Umpires

In 2018, we're looking to build upon the great service, skill improvement, and camaraderie our volunteer umpire crew has built over the past several years! We hope YOU will be a part of it all with us.

For questions, contact MLL Umpire in Chief Jason Becker at umpires@mukilteolittleleague.com.