2019 Game Schedules
Upcoming Games (See Interleague Schedules for Interleague Away Games)

There are no upcoming events.

Game Rescheduling Instructions

If a game need to be rescheduled due to rainout or for other reasons the team managers are responsible to coordinate that change with all parties involved. Please use the following process. The Home team manager should make the official re-scheduling request.

Step 1: Identify a Field/Date/Time to reschedule your game
TeeBall, Rookie, Farm divisions: Teams should look to use their practice fields for rescheduled games.
Minor, Major and Teenage divisions: The authoritative field use schedule is online on the Mukilteo Little League website. You can ether browse by day or download the scheduled into an excel spreadsheet to identify fields/times. Website Link -> Full Field Usage Schedule

Step 2: Email the Mukilteo League Scheduler (scheduling-baseball@mukilteolittleleague.com or scheduling-softball@mukilteolittleleague.com ) with your re-scheduling request. Please clearly identify the games you are rescheduling (ex. Minors Cubs Vs Dodgers 4/9 Game, reschedule to 4/16 @ 11:15AM on Complex Field 3). Once the scheduler has moved your game you will get a confirmation email from Bonzi.

Step 3 (Interleague Divisions Only): Email the District Interleague scheduler (scheduler@littleleaguewad1.org) and Division coordinator of the new game date, time, and location.