Player Divisions—Tee Ball


Tee-Ball is an instructional league where our goal is the teach players the fundamentals of hitting, fielding and throwing along with learning the basic rules of baseball. In addition, we believe players make new friends, learn to play as a team, and have fun. Tee Ball is open to boys and girls.

  • Age: 5 - 6 year olds; there are no age exceptions
  • Age as of August 31, 2020
  • Hitting: Players will have the opportunity to hit an under hand pitch from a coach or off of a tee
  • Field Size: Games are played on a small 50-foot base path
  • Ball Type: soft tee ball
  • No Outfielders
  • Teams of 8
  • Team Formation: Players are placed on teams based on the school they attend. The first 8 are placed on Squad A, the second 8 on Squad B. Those who attend private school, or are home schooled, are linked to the public school they would have been assigned based on home address.

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