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2023 All Star Tournament Schedule & Brackets

Click here for the 2023 District All Star Tournament Schedule: 2023 All Star Schedule.pdf (

Updated brackets for each division are found on the District 1 Little League website: District 1 Little League (

Softball All Star Teams

12U: Manager Chad Boudon
Assistants Pete Gunther and Steve Rhynard

Olivia Martinez
Kylee Bjella
Katie Saffold
Jocelyn Boonsripisal
Evelyn Boudon
Mackenzie Koehnen 
Mary Gunther
Ella Rhynard 
Lilly McKinney 
Charlie Coleman

11U: Manager Bryan Moran
Assistants Matt LaCoss and Andrea Moran

Hallie Moran
Finley LaCoss
Summer Bigby
Harper McKinney
Aminata Jobe
Tessa Tinsley
Maya Taylor
Alex Bravo Walker
Olivia Ngoy
Avery Linden

10U: Manager Brian Torres
Assistants Shane and Lana Carothers

Adalynn Schlosser
Ava Zeches
Elaina Schmidt
Elsy Carothers
Emma Boudon
Layla Wright
Lauren Bjella
Lilliana Torres
Molly Moran
Kayler Swanson
Paityn Bjorkman
Riley Parker

Baseball All Star Teams

Thanks to everybody who came out to All-Star tryouts. We had a total of 57 players participate from ages 8-12, the most we have seen in several years! Everybody did a fantastic job, and we hope everybody enjoyed the event. Unfortunately, not everyone can make an All-Star team. We hope each of you continues to work hard and comes out next year. This year’s Baseball All-Star rosters are as follows:

12U – Manager Shane Carothers
Assistants PJ Marcelo and Joel Pritsch


Dylan Marcelo
Colin Hickey
Oliver Pritsch
Timothy Carothers
Brayden Keller
Noah-Angelo Alicuben
Samuel Dutchin
James Bing IV
Lachlan Dixon
Max Lopez
Israel Ford
Avery Leahy

11U – Manager Brandon Keller
Assistants John Charleston and Tyler Linde


Zachary Wyrick
Leland Felt
Grant Schlosser
Brett Garrett
Maxten Charon
Shane Curtis
Miles Charleston
Cayson Keller
Sawyer Stephens
Emerson Gilchrist
Jacob Linde

10U – Erik Noet
Assistants Mark Freise and Tyler Hagens


Carwyn Phillips
Sammy Nayak
Lucas Freise
Evan Phimmasane
Easton Noet
Bennett Olson
Roger Milan
James Harmon
Grayson Knutzen
Hudson Hagens
Jesse William Lincoln Salas
Brady Garrett

General All Stars Information

Selection to the All-Star Team is a very big honor. It’s an opportunity to up your game by playing with the best players at your age level and learning the next level of game strategies from your coaches. All-Star teams typically practice every day for the two weeks prior to the tournament start. Depending on the success of each team, tournaments and practices could continue through mid-July or beyond. 


Baseball 9/10 Division
aseball 10/11 Division
Baseball Majors
Softball 9/10 Division
Softball 10/11 Division
Softball Majors Division

There could be teams in the higher divisions (Intermediate, Juniors or Seniors) if MLL has enough regular season players to field a team (Western Region no longer allows combined teams with other leagues).


The District All-Star tournament runs through mid-July. The teams that win the District All-Star Tournament proceed to the State All-Star Tournament. The furthest that the 9/10-year-old and 11-year-old all-star teams may go is the State Level. In the 11-12 Year Old Majors All-Star division, the winner of the state tournament proceeds to a Regional Tournament and potentially then to National and International Tournaments. The International All-Star Tournaments are held in Williamsport in August.

The full 2023 tournament schedule can be found on the District 1 website.

Selection Process

Players are selected by All-Star coaches after being evaluated at a league tryout event.  Players must commit to attending all practices and games, which is a big time commitment during the summer. There is a Uniform fee for all All-Star players. Players will receive a full All-Star uniform including a personalized Jersey that they keep at the conclusion of the All-Star tournaments.

Players interested in trying out for this year’s All-Star teams must fill out the All-Star Player Agreement and pledge their time to the All-Star experience.  It is important that each player selected for the All-Star team is available for the extent of the All-Star season.  Players with family commitments or planned vacations need to disclose that information as part of their All-Star application. If you would like to be considered for placement on an All-Star team, you must sign and return the applicable player agreement on or before the day of tryouts: All-Star Player Agreement (fillable) or All-Star Player Agreement.

Playing Time

One area that sometimes generates controversy and confusion among All-Star players and families is playing time. During All-Star season, substitution rules differ from those in the regular season. Minimum playing time will depend on the number of players on the All-Star team's roster (i.e., 12 or 13 players).

Code of Conduct

Once selected to an All Stars team, players and parents must sign a code of conduct form.

All-Star Code of Conduct - Player
All-Star Code of Conduct - Parent

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