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Volunteer Umpires, Let's Do This!!

The experience, leadership and service of MLL's volunteer umpires will be needed and appreciated more than ever in 2024. We hope YOU will step up to be a part of it all, and help our crew to do our small part in getting our young ballplayers back on the field!

There are two Umpire Training Clinics planned for volunteers (same clinic held at two different times).

Date: Tuesday, March 19th
or Thursday, March 21st  

Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Location: Columbia Elementary School

In the training, we'll be able to teach the basic skills that will allow even the most inexperienced parent officiate a game without issue.  Additionally, MLL provides gear to each team to keep everyone safe and secure. 

For questions anytime, contact MLL Umpire in Chief Jeff Cope at um[email protected].

Rules, Mechanics & Procedures

Rules Presentations
Little League West Region Umpire Instructors Gary Graupmann and Dave Miller have done an outstanding job preparing three concise rules presentations for us in 2021. Watch them here:

Rule Changes for 2020-2021  •  Manager/League Options  •  Rule 2: Definition of Terms  •  Rule 9: The Umpire

Rule 6: The Batter  •  Rule 7: The Runner  •  Interference/Obstruction

Rules 1, 3, 4 and 5  •  Game Management  •  Rule 8: The Pitcher

Mechanics Clinics
Mukilteo Little League will host two on-field umpire mechanics clinics prior the start of regular season play. These clinics cover all the basics of roles and responsibilities on the field and is valuable both for beginning umpires as well as for returning umpires to "tune-up" their skills in preparation for the season. New this year: in addition to going through the standard two-umpire system, we will cover one-umpire mechanics and provide guidance on calling a game from behind the pitcher. Both sessions are identical, covering the same material, and are options so volunteers may choose the session most convenient for them.
Dates TBD

Modified Umpire Procedures for 2021     Download PDF
Mukilteo Little League has developed the following plan for modified umpire procedures in 2021 that adheres to all State health and safety requirements as well as best-practice recommendations from Little League, the WIAA, and the Washington Officials Association:

  • Volunteer umpires are required to stay home if they feel unwell, show any signs of COVID-19, or are a close contact of a confirmed case. This aligns with the State of Washington’s Phase 2/3 Sporting Activities Requirements.

  • Correctly-worn facial coverings are required at all times. This aligns with the State of Washington’s Phase 2/3 Sporting Activities Requirements.

  • MLL’s preferred umpire positioning, in alignment with Little League and WIAA/WOA recommendations, is for the plate umpire to work behind the catcher as normal, but positioned deeper behind the catcher in an effort to maintain 6’ physical distance from the catcher and batter.

  • Team Managers may choose to have their team’s games worked by only one volunteer umpire, who will be positioned behind the pitcher. In the event that one team prefers this one-umpire alignment and the other team prefers two umpires, only one umpire will work the game.

  • Umpires will not handle baseballs. Baseballs will come in and out of the game from the defensive team dugout. This aligns with WIAA/WOA guidance for 2021.

  • Managers who are granted Time to come on to the field and address an umpire will not cross foul line. Umpires will approach Manager and maintain 6’ physical distance during discussions. This aligns with WIAA/WOA guidance for 2021.

  • Only the Manager of each team will attend the pregame plate meeting. No assistant coaches or player representatives will be allowed to attend the plate meeting. 6’ physical distance must be maintained. This aligns with Little League and WIAA/WOA guidance for 2021.

  • Mandatory equipment safety check must still be completed. Umpires will inspect bats, helmets and catcher’s helmets visually only, as best as possible, for legality and safety. Managers and players will be asked to:
    • Set out bats such that the proper identifying marks (USABaseball mark/BPF factor/BBCOR mark, as appropriate) face out and are clearly visible; 
    • Set out batting helmets upside down so that ear flaps and protective foam can be clearly inspected;
    • Set out catcher’s helmets upside down so that protective foam and throat guard can be clearly inspected. 
    • This aligns with “Best Practices” and “Return to Play” guidance provided/endorsed by Little League.
  • Pitchers may not go to the mouth at any time. If a pitcher goes to his/her mouth, Time will be called, the ball will be taken out of play to be sanitized and a new ball will be brought in to play. Other penalties in accordance with the official rules will be enforced.

  • Volunteer umpires are not responsible for enforcing physical distancing of players/coaches or other safety protocols required by MLL.


Umpire Self-Scheduling
One thing that won't change in 2021 is the method we use to assign umpires to games. Again we will utilize our shared Google Sheet, where volunteer umpires may self-assign to games and where Team Managers may confirm that their team's games are covered.
View and self-assign for your game here

Mechanics Videos

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