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MLL Return to Play Guidelines

Mukilteo Little League will follow Washington State's Sporting Activities COVID-19 Requirements. Baseball and softball are considered "moderate contact sports" under these guidelines. We are currently operating in Phase 3. The requirements have been integrated into our Return to Play Guidelines as set forth below.  All players, parents, coaches, umpires and volunteers have agreed to these rules during the registration process.  We ask everyone to do their part to abide by these rules, set a good example for others, and, if you are in a leadership position in the league, enforce the rules.

Moderate contact outdoor sports athletes allowed to remove facial coverings for competitions. Facial coverings must be worn by athletes when training or when not actively competing in a game or match against another team or when on the bench waiting to play. Coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times.

All outdoor sports spectators mush follow current Healthy Washington guidelines on Spectators.

• Must maintain 6 ft social distancing while off the field of play
• Must wear face coverings when arriving and departing, during practices, and while in the dugout during games
• Masks not required when on the field during games
• Strongly encouraged to take temperature prior to arriving at field
• Required to use hand sanitizer upon arriving to field and prior to leaving
• Should adhere to proper hygiene requirement of not touching face
• Must not share water, food, clothing, or equipment
• All equipment to be clearly marked so player can readily identify (no permanent markings on bats, use color sticker on knob or install distinctive grip)
• Must adhere to a No Touch Rule (no high fives, handshakes, etc.)
• Must follow the No Garbage Left Behind Rule

• Must maintain 6 ft social distancing when at all possible
• Must wear face coverings at all times
• Must adhere to a No Touch Rule (no high fives, hugs, etc.)
• Must clean dugout of any trash after practice/game
• Must ensure athletes adhere to all athlete requirements 
• No snack exchange after practice/games

• Must maintain 6 ft social distancing when at all possible
• Must wear face coverings at all times
• Must adhere to a No Touch Rule (player’s equipment, etc.)
• Equipment safety check should be completed visually
• Balls and strikes should be called from an adequate distance behind the pitcher 
• Base umpires must always maintain 6 ft social distancing 

All Attendees/Spectators:
• Must remain home if ill or anyone in household is ill
• Must wear face covering at all times
• Must not enter player areas (dugouts/field)
• Must maintain 6 ft distance from backstop and dugouts
• Adhere to social distancing guidelines in the stands and while spectating
• Hand washing or sanitizing at regular intervals is strongly recommended
• Please use bathroom provided at your designated field and maintain 6 ft buffer around door
• No snack shack services will be provided
• Please follow pack in/pack out philosophy (take all garbage with you upon leaving)
• Upon conclusion of game, please leave your designated field promptly and do not loiter

Confirmed cases procedure:
• Immediately isolate
• Contact Snohomish County Health District
• Contact Mukilteo Little League
• MLL will contact trace by team, family, and game schedule to notify all individuals of potential exposure
• All individuals should be tested negative and quarantine for the number of days recommended by the Snohomish County Health District prior to returning to participation in league activities

Game Procedures – Phase 3:
• Staggered start times to limit numbers at entry/exit points
• Players/families are to remain away from fields until 30 minutes prior to their game times
• Warm-ups to begin 30 minutes prior to game time
• Equipment bags to be spaced 6ft apart in dugouts or surrounding fence lines
• All bats to be kept in dugout when not at plate for safety reasons
• No lineups exchanged or plate meetings (any field issues or irregular ground rules should be shared via email prior to game)
• No scorebox use for fields which have them
• All coaches and umpires are required to wear a face covering 
• Social distancing required in the dugout
• One coach is required to remain in dugout at all times (encouraged to use players as 1st base coaches)
• A coach will be required to retrieve the player’s bat after an at bats if necessary
• Each team will be required to provide their own game balls for use when in field including extras for foul balls (coach required to provide players with a game ball after an out of play foul)
• Players are to maintain 6ft social distance when possible on field, including while returning to dugout
• On field meetings should include no more than 2 players/coaches while maintaining 6ft social distancing
• Players to use hand sanitizer after coming off field after every inning 
• Players to use hand sanitizer if coming into contact with another player’s equipment
• Any shared catching equipment (strictly limited) must be sanitized between uses (all other equipment sharing is prohibited)
• Players and families to leave immediately after game concludes
• Coaches to sanitized field maintenance equipment handles after use

Practice Procedures – Phase 3:
• Above attendee, player, and coach guidelines should be adhered to unless addressed below
• Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time
• Full team practices allowed while maintaining 6ft social distancing when at all possible
• Equipment bags to be spaced 6ft apart in dugouts or surrounding fence lines
• All coaches or parent volunteers are encouraged to wear face coverings
• Players are required to use hand sanitizer prior to and after practice

Mukilteo Little League COVID-19 Response Plan

The Mukilteo Little League Board of Directors is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, with the health and safety of our children being the first priority.  The Board is aligned with the direction set by the State of Washington, Snohomish County and the Mukilteo School District.

Stay informed:
If you’re interested in learning more about COVID-19 or getting updates, both the Snohomish Health District website and Washington State Department of Health website are full of information and offer subscription-based newsletters and alerts.

Mukilteo School District’s past messages and Coronavirus information is available on the district website.

Please familiarize yourself with the Governor's COVID-19 Sporting Activities Guidance.

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